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Founder and CEO of Original Design and Build (ODAB) Mr Makaba Nduenga’s journey From building and construction through to architecture may be considered unique, a testament to the power of passion, dedication and the pursuit of one's calling. While he may declare "I am not an architect I am a designer”, however, that also includes being an experienced and skilled creator of an individual's dreams. 

He aims to bring fresh ideas ultimately inspired by the originators of architecture, as found in ancient African cultures, such as the multi-genius IMHOTEP, the DOGONS and SUDANESE tribes amongst countless others who set the blueprint for all else to follow.

Minimal Design, Maximum Impact

Early Beginnings and Artistic Aspirations My career began studying in London UK, as an apprentice in carpentry & joinery and building technology, laying the foundations for future endeavours. This early training reinforced discipline, dedication and a profound appreciation for craftsmanship, quality and the creative processes, which in turn drove my passion for design. I established a joinery workshop in London (Trading as R J Mitchell Design) producing a wide range of high-quality handmade furniture and woodwork, specialising in bespoke "UNIQUE" commissioned designs. This soon developed into commercial and domestic construction, across the UK. Architects would commission projects requiring my skills and ability to seamlessly integrate all aspects of design, function and aesthetic vision. In addition to problem-solving issues that were conceptual, but not always practical.


Expanding Horizons: As my career progressed so would my creativity, expanding into a diverse range of products through to becoming an accomplished self-taught interior designer, a standout period in my career development was back in the 1980s, ’90s and 2000 when I gained commissions to carry out the total refurbishment and interior design for commercial retail premises in Birmingham and across London, with the standout commission being a long-standing project, creating and maintaining the front facade and interior design for the world-renowned legendary  “Splinters of Mayfair” hair salon (London and Birmingham) frequented by Hollywood stars such as Diana Ross and Billy D Williams along with notable UK pop music and media personalities.

Minimal Design, Maximum Impact

The Splinters of Mayfair brief included designing and manufacturing a range of elegant timeless furniture, interior styling and zoned mood lighting. Ultimately creating a fresh, yet classic colour pallet throughout and incorporating a discretely placed remotely controlled music system throughout the salon all of which met with the proprietor’s brief culminating in a resounding successful conclusion.


Other areas of design creativity came in the form of exercise equipment, designed for the home without turning a personal space into a gym; additionally, designs included bespoke aquarium furniture and an audio speaker. All of this underlines one of my core beliefs which is that We are all multi-talented, only we are not always allowed to express our talents.

Makaba Nduenga firmly believes that just as nature can be awesome, inspiring and uplifting, so can your home; with this in mind, his designs, not only detail function and form but, include an aesthetic that elevates all aspects to create a beautiful, spiritual space, a home. Makaba possesses the remarkable ability to take client’s non-descript scribbles and transforms them into a three-dimensional dream come true as seen in his “NSAKU” house design.

Makaba Nduenga is now on a mission to empower and give back, having made the transition from the UK to Africa.

The Gambia has brought with it opportunities otherwise closed. While exploring newfound opportunities, there is a sense of purpose, which in turn informs and compels one to share. The mission is to impart a lifetime of skills and knowledge to the up-and-coming young women and men, through opening training facilities and a programme of direct first-hand teaching, inspiring the youth to be exceptional, to be different and to be original.

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