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At ODAB, Designing is one of our many strengths with unique concepts and styling  We ensure that each client’s design is based on their individual needs and lifestyle, with a quality of build second to none and of international standards. Original Design and Build Guarantee: At ODAB, we use only the best materials available to this market and we have every confidence in our core construction team to deliver a first-class product, hence we can offer all our clients a 25-year Structural Guarantee against defects.

At ODAB, Designing is one of our many strengths with unique concepts and styling  We ensure that each client’s design is base
At ODAB, Designing is one of our many strengths with unique concepts and styling  We ensure that each client’s design is base


We know that great art can and will transform any home and is life-affirming, ODAB brings you this opportunity to see and purchase beautiful originally inspired African-produced art made by an international artist from the African Diaspora (born in The UK) now residing on the continent, go to


How an interior is designed can bring immeasurable joy and comfort to your home, enhancing your life simply by bringing the garden or a water feature into the home or a unique design feature such as a floating wall with an ODAB designer aquarium embedded is a stunning example.


Due to a favourable climate outside space is as important as inside, our expert in-house Garden Designer can create your ideal landscape or garden depending on your requirements, whether it is for herbs and flowers, fruits, vegetables trees and grass, we can design and curate the perfect balance between nature and personal desire. ODAB also provides herbal and medicinal plant identification services, reviving and transplanting precious endangered species. We promote biodiversity and ecosystems including non-polluting biodigesters to prevent groundwater contamination (unlike soakaways) from human waste.  


Swimming Pools: ODAB can provide a design service for swimming pools in the ground, on a terrace, rooftop or as an integral part of a house or apartment design attached to or inside the building.

Swimming pool equipment installation, services and maintenance are provided by our recommended third-party pool specialists and carry their service provider guarantee. To watch the video of Nsaku-Skyline green view and rooftop pool Click Here


Unique, is a word often used but seldom so, especially in these modern times where the whole world is accessible online and most things now look the same, ODAB's renowned designer, CEO often designs truly unique pieces of furniture or complete bedrooms, kitchens and "one-off " pieces of furniture, just take a look at our Omni aquarium furniture as an example.

​ODAB Furniture Design Studio: There is no box, headed up by Makaba


At ODAB we offer a comprehensive service from A to Z, what we call our "turn-key" service allowing our clients to take a back seat, relax and enjoy the ride (if they so desire) while we take out all the stress, orchestrating, directing and project managing while keeping our clients up to speed at each stage of the project.


In addition to the services listed, we are often asked about unusual items such as epoxy resin finishing or floor self-levelling compound, in such instances, we will source the item or expertise to ensure your requirements are fully met.


Project Management while costly it is an enormous and complex task in itself that requires a multi-task skill set, the enormity of which cannot be overemphasised often making the difference between success and expensive failure, thus efficient project management can save the client more than the management fee within the duration of the build. A multifaceted process that involves planning, coordinating, and overseeing the various activities involved in a construction project. Effective project management ensures that the project is completed on time, within budget, and meets the specified quality standards. The ODAB project management team headed up by Makaba Nduenga will take responsibility and take charge of all supervision and execution of the build for the following:

  • Selecting all materials and quality checks

  • Supervising all aspects of the build and checking execution of processes

  • Supervising workforce

  • Calculating materials and checking the supplied materials and other products to verify quantities supplied and used

  • Make timely scheduling of workforce and materials

  • Inform the client with regular updates

  • Co-ordinate all aspects of construction from start to finish

  • Reconcile any issues that may arise

  • Ensure the highest quality build is delivered



  • Borehole Provider (through a trusted third party)

  • Wi-Fi Internet (through a trusted third party)

  • CCTV Security Systems

  • Solar Systems (through a trusted third party)

  • Garages design and build by ODAB

  • Staff Quarters designed and built by ODAB

  • Zen Meditation Area / Garden or Room design & build by ODAB

  • Outdoor Kitchen and BBQ Area designed and built by ODAB

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